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Leprechaun Story
Once upon a time I went down stairs to get my breakfast.
I saw a leprechaun making his breakfast in my dad's good pan.
He saw me and chucked the pan at me. It did not feel good.
I went to the pan. It still had his breakfast in it.
It was bacon,eggs and sausage.
I got a plate and ate his breakfast. I left a little bit for him.
Later I came from brushing my teeth and he was there eating the little bit I left him
"Can I go to school with you" he asked I said "sure but you cannot be seen"
he said ''okay" so we went to school He told me all the right answers on our tests
then he gave me all the super powers in the world. Then I flew to Meijer and made
gold for myself and I spent my money on everything I wanted I flew home and
played with all my new toys I played all day long with the leprechaun.
We hit each other with Nerf guns and then he ran away.
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The day my things in house came alive. by Aidan by 2nd_Grade on Storybird

My memory is when i was 4 my dad was playing basketball one time he was playing on one half and my brother and i were playing baseball with a squishy ball and a bolling pin and my brother acadetly hit me in the head then i went home and
watched T.V then my mom came home and asked why i was up so late then my dad told her about how i got hit in head then i went to the amegise room.