Journal Page 2Monday November 16 2009
Turkey story
One day max the turkey was walking in a field.He saw pretty colers in the disdains it was a turkey.

Thursday, November 12,2009
I like the wiki because we can play math games and do homework on the wiki we can put jokes and we can take tests on the wiki we can put prayers

Wednesday January 27 2010

My pet is named mates.
It is a cat.
It has fur.
My is old and sometimes grumpy.
I love my cat because she likes to lay on on me.

Tuesday March 9 2010
Write a prayer for lent
Dear Jesus help me keep lent and turn to God.
Help the people of Haiti and Chile rebuild. Amen

Thursday, Mach 18 2010
I have 15 teddey bear's they each have 2 ears so 2x15=30
I have 4 roller skates they each have 4 wheels so 4x4=16

I must be dreaming because today I was a giant.
I was 29 feet tall and I could build really fast and I could
jump very high so I built a space helmet and jumped up
to space with my space helmet on. I was in space I flew to
mars. After I went to mars I went to Pluto and that's when
I saw the aleans they were green with red eye's they said
go away you human go back to your planet I did not want
to stay for long so I went back to earth and I was small.